Meet The Guys Who Brought Sexy Limo Scene To Life In "Bartier Cardi"

It may be the most watched scene in Cardi B’s stunning new music video “Bartier Cardi.”
In the video, taken from her new album Invasion Of Privacy, the rap superstar gets quite intimate with her fiance Offset, in the back of a limo.
That, only days after some alleged cheating by the Migos member.
Just another day at the office for projection mapping company PaintScaping, who handled all the rear screen projection.
Founded in 2009 by Philippe Bergeron, the Los Angeles-based company has produced unique 3D mapping shows across the U.S. including Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Chicago, and many places around the world.

“It’s a throwback to the technique used in the 50s, it’s much better than post. It’s visceral. It’s real. It’s great for the talent.” – Philippe Bergeron, CEO of PaintScaping

PaintScaping is no stranger to high-profile music videos.
They’ve created the elaborate projection mapping for “This Is What You Came For,” by Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna.
At almost 2 billion views, it is one of the most viewed mappings in history.

The clip, featuring Rihanna in a cube projected on all faces, was helmed by superstar director Emil Nava.
“Projection is an amazing tool for music videos. We can use it to build more elaborate narratives, and it also gives the artist something to react to in the moment,” notes Nava, who has directed many A-listers, including Ed Sheeran and Jennifer Lopez.
Strategically located in LA, ground zero for many music video shoots, PaintScaping and Bergeron are quickly becoming the premiere company for high-end projection mapping.
Music heavyweights Eminem, Kelahni, John Legend, Rod Stewart, Queen Latifah, VH1, MTV, and Katy Perry, have all benefited from Bergeron’s knowledge, whose background includes acting (“Sopranos,” “Iron Man 2,” “Entourage”) and CG.
Alex Pacion, the NY-based production designer behind many of these iconic music videos, notes: “Philippe is a master, and nothing scares him.”
But there’s also another aspect to projection that makes it extremely attractive to production companies.
It’s efficient.
“More and more, recording artists today like Cardi B are required to come out with videos very quickly after a song is released. Projection is the perfect solution to cut the long process of CG post-production,” continues Bergeron.
Bergeron’s work with musical talent is not limited to videos.
He’s mapped the closing scene of “Breaking Through,” a film by executive producer and nine-time Grammy Award winner John Legend.
And Bergeron consulted on Katy Perry’s latest perfume ad, “Indi,” featuring projection on faces.
“Cardi B may be the newest artist to use projection, but she certainly won’t be the last. This technology is here to stay,” concludes Bergeron.