A Look At The Players On 'The Rap Of China'

Andres Otero/WENN.com

Kris Wu, as an outstanding representative of China’s youth, has not only appeared in the Hollywood film, “xXx: Return of Xander Cage,” but also performed well in overseas music charts, becoming the first Chinese singer to top the iTunes chart in the United States.
With his passion for music and popularity, the great producer will surely contribute to Chinese rap music with more positive influence.



With its unique triplet flow and explosive stage performance, Migos, who has repeatedly led the North American singles chart, they not only won the BET Music Award in 2017, but also won two nominations at the 60th Grammy Awards for best rap songs and best rap albums, certainly making itself one of the most popular rap groups.
Participating in “The Rap of China” as a producer, Migos is believed to raise the professionalism and popularity of the program.

MC Jin

Ruff Ryders rep MC Jin, known as the Chinese light, has also aligned himself with “The Rap of China.”
With profound rap skills and veteran resumes, MC Jin not only has extremely high popularity in overseas markets, but is also one of the most legendary rappers in the Chinese-language rap industry.
With the participation of celebrity producers who have both fully reinforced strength and popularity, “The Rap of China” will certainly be injected with more vigor and win more attention.
“The Rap of China” just launched an international hip-hop talent search, across Asia, America and Australia.
“The Rap of China” is spreading Chinese culture and Chinese attitude around the world.
This summer, “The Rap of China” will be broadcast on iQiyi.com.