New Technology Could Line The Pockets Of Street Performers Around The World

In countless cities around the planet, street performers can be found in subway’s, busy parks and other popular places crowds gather.
The most common way for these performers to eek out a living is customarily done by passing a hat around and inviting a crowd for donations.
Over in London, a new program is supplying street performers contactless payment terminals to collect money
The city of London has teamed with Swedish payments firm iZettle to test the new payment system with a select group of performers.
iZettle is a major player in the space. They were even acquired by PayPal this year for $2.2 billion dollars. iZettle enables anyone with a tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch tap to donate a fixed amount set by the street performer.

“I’m delighted that iZettle has chosen London to launch this innovative scheme – allowing artists to accept donations by card payment, as well as cash. Now, more Londoners will be able to show their support to the capital’s brilliant, talented street performers.” – London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Finally, rising talent can sharpen their talents in front of large crowds and maybe earn a living doing it.
Thanks to iZettle, you will be capable of paying that performer who astonishes the crowd with an awesome cover or a breathtaking breakdancing move.