The Concept Of Entertainment: What Role Does It Play In Your Life?

While entertainment is typically viewed as filling a “leisure-time” role in people’s lives, a new global research study reveals that many consider it significantly more fundamental to their identities and welfare than is commonly believed.
The study, commissioned by MGM Resorts International and called the “Truth About Entertainment,” found that more than 90% of respondents in the U.S. and China, and more than 80% in Japan, see entertainment as a fundamental contributor to their health and happiness.
Additionally, an equal percentage in each of the three countries reported they could not imagine their lives without their favorite books, music, films, bands and sports.
The survey also found surprising attitudes about the role of live entertainment relative to the explosive growth of digital-based and streaming entertainment options.
“One of the things we discovered, which frankly surprised us, is that the growth of digital content is not replacing people’s desire for live entertainment, and is unexpectedly spurring more of a desire for a balanced diet of live and online entertainment experiences,” said Lilian Tomovich, Chief Experience & Marketing Officer for MGM Resorts International.
Take a look at the infographics below:

Entertainment Supports Overall Human Wellness (PRNewsfoto/MGM Resorts International)

There is a Clear Deficiency of Live Entertainment (PRNewsfoto/MGM Resorts International)

Entertainment is Fundamental to Human Identity (PRNewsfoto/MGM Resorts International)

Live Entertainment Trends (PRNewsfoto/MGM Resorts International)