Beleaf In Fatherhood: How Rapper Glen Henry Juggles His Career With Being A Stay-At-Home Dad

YouTube just announced the addition of 47 incredible new people to their Creators for Change program.
A global initiative that supports creators who are tackling social issues and promoting awareness, tolerance and empathy on their YouTube channels.
Glen Henry of Beleaf in Fatherhood is one of the 6 US-based creators who will be joining the 2018 Creators for Change program as an ambassador.
Glen, a father of three, joined YouTube in 2015 to document all the mistakes and joys of parenting on his channel Beleaf in Fatherhood from an African American point of view.
Striving to strengthen families, equip fathers, give hope to mothers and inspire children, Glen creates hilarious videos featuring himself sipping toddler tears, cooking with the kids, styling their hair and much more.

“My YouTube channel Beleaf in Fatherhood documents the misadventures of being a stay-at-home dad and it’s not perfect it’s just showing that I’m trying. I’m not trying to be an example but just proof that it’s possible for whoever else is doing this.” – Glen Henry, Beleaf in Fatherhood

Prior to life on YouTube, Glen was a rapper.
His latest and last album In Fatherhood was inspired by major events that took place when his third child (and first daughter) was born in early 2017.
However, to this day, Glen still produces his own music/raps, which he incorporates into his YouTube videos.
Check out Glen’s recent TEDx Talk about this transition.