New Exhibit Tackles Stereotypes And Showcases Chinese Americans Role In Hip-Hop

A new exhibit in downtown Los Angeles is exploring the relationship between Chinese Americans and Hip-Hop culture.
The “Don’t Believe the Hype LA: Asian Americans in Hip-Hop” exhibit is taking place at The Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles.
The installation is curated by Justin Hoover and Ninochka “Nosh” McTaggart.
Nosh McTaggart came up with the idea for the installation when she was completing her Ph.D. at

“It is exciting how this exhibition explores hip hop culture as a space for connecting racial and ethnic identity, self-expression, and innovation for Asian Americans.” – Ninochka “Nosh” McTaggart.

The “Don’t Believe the Hype LA: Asian Americans in Hip-Hop” exhibit features more than 15 of Los Angeles’ most influential and Asian Americans in hip-hop representing the genres for elements DJing, MCing, Breakdancing and Graffiti.
Photos, poetry, artwork and a custom-built, hands-on turn table installation built by the world famous Beat Junkies are featured in “Don’t Believe the Hype LA: Asian Americans in Hip-Hop,” which is free and open to the public and runs until November 4.
“This show creates a space of community for younger Asian Americans who defy expectations,” added Justin Hoover. “It is a place for cultural resilience where we can show the world that we embody a range of cultural practices and lifestyles.”