The SpotiFive: Five Hip-Hop Songs From Drake's "Scorpion"

Today is a big day in hip-hop. Drake, who is one of the best-selling rappers of all time, dropped his highly-anticipated fifth studio album Scorpion.
Drake didn’t cut any corners with this 25-track release. In addition to his previously released singles “Nice For What,” “I’m Upset” and “God’s Plan,” Scorpion is loaded with 22 brand new tracks from the Toronto star. We have whittled the album down to the five best songs.


Drake sets the tone of Scorpion with the first track “Survival.” Drake adresses a number of issues head-on, including his beef with “real philly ni##as” and some Bad Boys he had problems with, referencing past issues with Meek and Diddy. Drake drops a dope verse reminding people how he has survived these feuds and much more throughout his career. On “Survival,” Drake reminds people who is running the rap game.

Talk Up – Featuring Jay-Z

It looks like another beef Drake was entertaining has come to an end. Drake and Jay have traded shots at each other for years, but now they linked up on this banger titled “Talk Up.” Jay has the stand out verse on this track, where he manages to link drug dealers Big Meech, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, George Zimmerman and XXXTentacion President Donald Trump into one line.

I’m what Meech shoulda been/I’m what Supreme didn’t become/If Alpo didn’t snitch, ni##as would be like Young/I got your president tweetin/I won’t even meet with him/Y’all killed X, let Zimmerman live/Streets is done

Summer Games

Drake croons away on this love song, which will surely become a staple on radio. This up-tempo love song features an unknown paramore who continues to break Drake’s heart over and over again. The accompanying track on “Summer Games” has worldwide appeal and you can expect to hear the music in commercials, movies and of course on the radio for the rest of the summer, at least.

Ratchet Happy Birthday

Creating a memorable birthday song is a difficult thing to do. Stevie Wonder, and 50 Cent have two of the most recognizable songs when it comes to birthdays. Now you can add Drake to the list with his song “Ratchet Happy Birthday,” which will definitely be played at every girl’s birthday party from now on. It’s a smooth sounding track, which showcases Drake doing what he does best, delivering his emotional lyrics. However, mid-way through, “Ratchet Happy Birthday” track turns into a bumping, head nodding hip-hop song which is built for the clubs as well.

March 14

On “March 14,” which is the last song on Scorpion, Drake addresses his status as a new father, head-on. Pusha T first revealed to the world that is Drake had a son, and on Scorpion, Drake delivers a heartfelt message to his young son, saying he doesn’t want him to have to worry about who he’s going to live with, or Drake’s relationship status with his son’s mother.

I got to make it, I promise if I’m not dead I’m dedicated/This is the first positive DNA we ever celebrated

Unfortunately, the lyrics make it painfully obvious Drake is not in the boy’s life and he has issues with the baby’s mother, Sophie Brussaux. On this 5-minute track, Drake breaks into a hook backed by a chorus and a piano. He sings:

No one to guide me/I’m all alone, no one to cry on/I need shelter from the rain/To ease the pain/Changing from boy to a man

Admittedly, it sounds beautiful, but it’s kind of a weird dedication to an infant who is the one that is out there all alone, but whatever works.