Here Is How Lil Peep Wanted To Share His Wealth Before He Died

Lil Peep’s estate has announced a Peep fan created merch line, NO SMOK!NG.
Tragically, Lil Peep died of a drug overdose in November of 2017, long before he was able to see his career come to fruition.
The new gear will be located online in Peep’s official store and is named after the clothing line Peep planned to launch at the top of 2018.
Lil Peep’s estate is honoring his wishes to launches clothing line, while sharing the profits with his fans.

This Was Peep’s Idea

The NO SMOK!NG section on the site was created from two ideas that Peep had planned for 2018, with the first being his own clothing line, NO SMOK!NG, and separately, his plans to invite fans to create merchandise through his official site, giving them a place to express, design, create, and share in the profits.

Designed For Fans

NO SMOK!NG will involve the fans in ways they weren’t involved before – they will be able to submit their designs for the collection. Peep inspired and encouraged millions to express their lives through music, art, and words.

Continuing Peeps Legacy

The NO SMOK!NG section on his site will continue to be a place of inspiration and creativity for serious, Peep inspired designers. Submissions will be accepted starting August 1st, at 12pm PST thru August 8th, at 12pm, PST.
More information can be found here: