Jay-Z And Beyonce Are The Headliners But The Stage Is The Real Star Of The "On The Run II Tour

Superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce are drawing headlines around the world, for their critically acclaimed “On The Run II” tour.
The stage for the show is so big, it can only be used in the end zones of football stadiums.
But the outing would not be much, without the technological advancements made for their live show, which features the new Infinity Spaceframe which serves as a “kinetic backdrop” on stage.
The Spaceframe is an innovative carbon fiber touring frame created by a company called PRG Projects, which is a division of PRG.
PRG specializes in developing and integrating proprietary solutions to the rigors of the production and entertainment industry.
The Spaceframe was launched on 2017’s U2’s “Joshua Tree” Tour and “On the Run II” is the second concert tour to feature the product.

For this tour, Stufish, who designed both U2’s “Joshua Tree” and Jay and Bey’s “On the Run II” tours, wanted to have a clean look, visually eliminating all support structures and rigging.
PRG Projects came up with the “Infinity Spaceframe,” where the rigging and support structure are integrated on the back of the Spaceframe, invisible from audience view.
Video content on the screen is now edge-to-edge without visual barriers as a classic screen would have.
It gives it a monumental look and creates a new type of immersive viewing experience.

“We are constantly thinking of what is next, how do we improve on what we’ve already done. The new Infinity Spaceframe allows for moveable LED screens in an operational effective set up which aids the dynamic energy Beyoncé, Jay-Z and other performers create during the show.” – Frederic Opsomer, managing director, PRG Projects.

The Infinity Spaceframe also utilizes the structural capabilities of the video screen as part of the automated tracking support.
It ultimately saves truckloads of additional support structure.
The stage design for “On the Run II” Tour includes two LED screens with Spaceframe.
The secondary – or upstage – screen is 55 feet x 35.4 feet. The bottom section of the upstage screen is automated with three Spaceframe panels that open like garage doors, enabling the musicians’ rolling risers to enter and exit the main stage.
The upstage screen stands behind a four-tiered opera box style performer platform. The main – or downstage – screen is divided into 12 automated sections.
This allows for different dramatic scenes and settings and provides Beyoncé and Jay-Z different entry and exit scenarios.