Stoney Dudebro Wants To Get High – On The Charts

Stoney Dudebro is a hip-hop newcomer and cannabis advocate who dropped his first freebie of Summer 2018 with his smokers anthem “Dab A Glob.”
The song features a trippy vibe on the beat produced by the “Medicated and Dedicated” producer Mr. Kooman, who has produced for Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Curren$y, and more.

“The hook is slowed down and catchy af and will speak to the smokers out there – especially the dabbers ” – Stoney Dudebro.

Stoney Dudebro dropped his first track titled “Blastoff (Moonrock Anthem)” in May 2018, which is a theme based song paying homage to the legendary cannabis product.
Stoney Dudebro’s verses are a combination of his infatuation with cannabis, some pop culture, and political jabs.
He identifies himself as a “married, conservative, Christian, college grad” but also takes aim at the anti-marijuana Attorney General Jeff Sessions with his lines:

“I love smoke sessions/
I love stu(dio) sessions/
But man I really can’t fuckin stand Jeff Sessions/How in the fuck you gon say weed’s bad/
I’m a married, conservative, Christian, college grad” – Stoney Dudebro

Stoney Dudebro has not only a smokers anthem on his hands but also has some thought provoking lyrics that come from his freethinking ways.