Will Alex Da Kid's New Song Usher In The Death Of "The A&R" Department?

Alex Da Kid may help render a staple of the music business obsolete with his new song.
Could the traditional A&R man be in jeopardy thanks to artificial intelligence?
Alex Da Kid recently partnered with IBM and Spotify to release an updated version of his latest single “Go.”
So what’s so special about the updated track?
“Go 2.0” adds the power of a third female voice with the addition of Jorja Smith along with H.E.R. and Rapsody – an artist discovered with the help of IBM’s AI technology, Watson.
The creation of “Go 2.0” set a new standard for the music industry at large.
To identify the perfect artist for his collaboration—rather than employ century-old A&R methods or spend countless hours casing the internet for new voices—Alex enlisted the help of IBM Watson.
The technology allowed Alex to work smarter and more efficiently to uncover talent, changing the concept of A&R forever.
In the creation of “Go 2.0”, critically acclaimed songstress H.E.R. jumped at the chance to join forces with Alex.
With those two key pieces in place, IBM proved instrumental in finding the song’s missing piece.
IBM Developer, Joshua Carr, worked closely with Alex to gain insight into his vision and sensibility to drive discovery.
Carr created a custom Watson solution to aid Alex’s search.

A technology and entertainment industry first, Watson learned the language of music from the producer’s natural speech.

Based on a subset of Spotify data, provided by Tim Ganss of Spotify Music Intelligence, Watson pored over enormous amounts of unstructured data like articles, social media, interviews and fan sentiment to help Alex uncover Rapsody as the best artist for his new track.
From the tiny town of Snow Hill, North Carolina, Rapsody is known for her intricate rhyme patterns, metaphors, and wordplay.
This is a big deal, because Alex is no light weight.
He has created numerous genre-defying hits, including rapper Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” and alt-rock group Imagine Dragons’ debut album Night Visions.
Since 2010, Alex Da Kid has sold more than 100 million units and uniquely stands as the only person in history to have created two diamond-certified singles.
Throughout his prolific career, he has also produced platinum singles for Dr. Dre, Diddy, U2, Christina Aguilera, and Nicki Minaj, and today continues to cultivate the careers of Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons, and Skylar Grey.
“Go 2.0” is available at all digital retailers now.