Bishop Don Juan Says His New Weed Will Take You On A "Righteous" Spiritual Journey

Los Angeles based distribution cannabis operation, Legacy Brands International has announced its latest product line entitled “ChuuucH Cannabis” which was created as a standalone brand for the Bishop Don “Magic” Juan.
The brand, which is slated to hit shelves August 2018, evokes an era of 90’s designer fashion and luxe product design that acts as a physical embodiment to one of The Bishop’s most notable sayings, “Green For The Money, Gold For The Honey,” which consumers can find engraved within the unique product offerings.

ChuuucH Cannabis is defined as “speaking the truth and affirming anything that is sacred” will contain top shelf hybrid strains with indica and sativa options slated to launch down the line.
The brand will also feature a selection of pre-rolls, a unique vape pen that is modeled after a luxury vehicle key FOB, a gold hit kit which can be accessorized with any outfit, and an assortment of fun edible offerings coming soon.
As a practicing religious and spiritual advisor to the stars, The Bishop has become a notable figure in the music and entertainment industry.
For consumers looking to hop on their own spiritual journey, ChuuucH Cannabis is set to offer a ‘righteous’ experience combining the spiritual expression of Funk with the refined style of today.
Located in Los Angeles, CA in the iconic Grand Royal records building where the Beastie Boys recorded most of their most legendary albums, Legacy Brands International has established themselves as a top entity for cannabis product creation and distribution.
Specializing in bringing cannabis brands to market, Legacy Brands is able to infuse high quality products with authentic culture as they mindfully create brands that are meant to leave a lasting impression on consumers.
ChuuucH Cannabis is slated to be available in Los Angeles based dispensaries city-wide starting this year.