Facebook Vs. YouTube: What You Need To Know To Win

Almost half of consumers (47%) now say they watch most video content on Facebook versus 41% who say they watch primarily on YouTube, according to a new study released by Slidely.
In addition, 71% of consumers said they find Facebook video ads relevant or highly relevant to them.
This points to the growing importance of precision ad targeting and evolving consumer expectations about the ads they’re shown online.
“These insights are invaluable to businesses and agencies that want to maximize the impact of their online advertising efforts,” said Tom More, CEO at Slidely. “The more marketers know about customer behaviors, the better they can tailor their campaigns to their audience.”
1. 44% of respondents watch over five online videos per day.
2. 56% spend more time on Facebook than any other social platform.
3. When watching a video on Facebook, 65% prefer it with sound on; Men have much stronger preference for sound on than women.
4. 32% of consumers prefer to have voice-over on the videos they watch
5. 60% visit a publisher’s Facebook page after viewing a video at least some of the time, while another 70% say they visit the business’ website after watching video content sometimes, often, or very often.