Graffiti Goes Commercial In Rochester, NY Thanks To Ambitious Real Estate Investor

Graffiti art is getting a good look in Rochester, New York thanks to one entrepreneur.
With a variety of industrial, commercial, and restaurant properties and sites in the area, Adam Civalier has opened many of them to local graffiti artists.
Much to his delight and thanks to the skills of prominent New York street artists such as Cruk, Thievin’ Stephen, and others, Civalier has seen a number of his buildings adorned with the work of these critically acclaimed individuals.
The work, undertaken entirely legally and with Civalier’s obvious blessing, has subsequently been showcased on social media, attracting thousands of interactions on sites such as Instagram and Facebook.
“As a huge fan of the graffiti art style and associated culture, and having invested in commercial real estate in and around Rochester, I’ve found myself in a great position to do something for—and alongside—the street art community,” the Rochester native explains.

“It suddenly struck me, how most of these buildings are the perfect blank canvas. As such, I reached out to several of my favorite artists with a proposition.” –  Adam Civalier

Civalier is also working with the FUA Krew to expand the street art movement in the Rochester area, and it’s also having a positive impact on his buildings, both inside and out.
As a restaurateur, Civalier also integrated elements of street art and culture into his restaurant interiors, and he plans to continue to work with local artists as his business grows.
“It’s a series of interests and a portfolio which continues to grow, steadily, meaning the canvas keeps expanding, providing more and more space for talented graffiti artists to exhibit their skills going forward. I’m genuinely excited about seeing what’s to come,” Civalier said.