Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Are Your Own Biggest Obstacle

Most of the time, the biggest obstacle to your success is staring right back in the mirror – because it’s you.
In the last 25 years, John Assaraf has grown five multi-million-dollar companies in real estate, internet software, brain research, and life and business coaching and consulting.
He is also the author of two New York Times best-selling books: “Having It All” and “The Answer.” His brand-new book is called “Innercise: The New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power” (Waterside Press, 2018).
Assaraf has made frequent appearances on “Larry King Live” and has been featured in eight films, including the blockbuster smash hit “The Secret” and “Quest for Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama.
He is one of the leading behavioral and mindset experts in the world, with a unique ability to help people release the mental and emotional obstacles that prevent them from achieving their very best in life and business.
John Assaraf asserts there is less blocking us than we think and here are Top 4 reasons for doubting yourself.
Now what are you going to do about it?
Here are the only four things he says are holding us back.

Self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth

You don’t feel worthy of achieving the goals and dreams you have, and there’s a disconnect.


You have fears that are holding you back. There are a variety of core fears, like fear of failure; fear of success; fear of disappointing yourself or others; and fear of being embarrassed, ashamed, ridiculed, or judged.

The stories/excuses you’re telling yourself

You’re too old, too young, not good enough, too skilled, too white, too Asian, too black, etc. Those are the stories and excuses you’re telling yourself that are keeping you from living your best life.

You believe you don’t have the knowledge or skills

This is the least of your problems, but you let it hold you back. Your success really has nothing to do with your knowledge and skills because you can get knowledge and skills in nanoseconds online. You can easily figure out what you need to do and how to do it. If you take care of these things, you can really start achieving success — more than you ever thought possible.