Kyle's "Senior Orientation" Program Wants To Change "Toxic" Stereotypes About Masculinity

Rapper/actor Kyle will take on bullies during National Bullying Prevention Month this October. For the second year in a row, Kyle has teamed with AXE to address outdated male stereotypes and harmful labels.
Kyle is the co-creator of the Senior Orientation workshops for high school students.
After a pilot program last year at Centennial High School in Columbus, Ohio, 81% of the student body said their view of masculinity evolved for the better. The rapper created Senior Orientation with masculinity expert and poet Carlos Andrés Gómez.

“Being involved in a program like this is especially important to me because of my own personal experiences growing up. I didn’t feel like I always fit in because I opted for the drama club instead of the football team. Because of this, I was perceived as being more sensitive by other kids my age. Now, these are the things that have made me the person and performer that I am today. I wish I had resources like this program when I was younger to tell me that it’s okay to be myself.” – Kyle

This year’s curriculum will challenge students to replace toxic behaviors like bullying and “locker-room talk” with positivity and inclusiveness.
The high school years should be a time when young people feel empowered to explore and express who they are and who they’re becoming.
Yet – whether it’s in the halls, on the field, in the lab, or at a party – young guys too often feel pressure to live up to certain toxic notions of masculinity that lead to unnecessarily aggressive behavior. In fact, 1 in 3 guys admit to bullying their peers, with 3 in 4 being the victims of those bullies themselves.
This October, Senior Orientation will head to two high schools, both of which will be announced at a later date.
Senior Orientation is part of the AXE “Find Your Magic Initiative,” which aims to break the cycle of toxic masculinity by providing guys with resources to live more freely.
The brand and its partners, Promundo and Ditch the Label, work together to dive into the causes and effects of the issue, drive wider awareness among both men and women, and help provide young guys with tools to be their most authentic selves.