The SpotiFive: Friday August 31 – Eminem, Eminem and Eminem

Eminem surprised everyone with a brand new 13-track album today called Kamikaze.
Anyone who thought Eminem was falling off after his last album Revival, will be quickly snapped back into reality with his 10th studio album Kamikaze.
Eminem is out to prove a point with Kamikaze, and he definitely accomplishes the mission without crashing, burning and dying as the album’s title would imply.
It’s actually the polar opposite. At 45-years-old, Eminem proves his lyrical ability, coupled with production from Dr. Dre, Mike Will Made It , Boi-1da & Jahaan Sweet amongst others, will most definitely outlast the auto-tuned hits of today.
Kamikaze is light on guest appearances. The only people worthy of spots on the 45-minute album are Royce Da 5’9, Bon Ivor, Joyner Lucas and Jesse Reyez.

“The Ringer”

Eminem’s uncanny ability to put words together is on full display on “The Ringer.” Eminem raps that Donald Trump sent the Secret Service to investigate him, while delivering a lyrical whipping to Lil Yachty, Lil Xan and Lil Pump.


On this fast-moving track, Em delivers a searing performance which proves why he lives up to the name of the song. Take a look at these bars:

“You don’t got the tools, I got my toolkit, I bullshit you not/Y’all fools just forgot/that I’m so fuckin’ awful with the thoughts/
And when I’m hostile and impossible to stop/ So you call it a nostril ’cause it’s not/gonna ever I’ll never let up on the pedal/ might as well get the mop
‘Cause I’m wipin’ everyone up in this genre/”

“Stepping Stone”

On “Stepping Stone,” Eminem addresses the death of D12 group member Proof, who was shot and killed inside of a pool hall on 8 Mile Road back in 2006. On the track, Eminem apologizes to the surviving group members of D12, who were once top artists on Shady that for various reasons, including the death of Proof, never quite lived up to the hype surrounding their careers.

“We were thrown for a loop/ain’t none of us know what to do/And at the time I was goin’ through my own struggles too/So I wasn’t in no condition to be coachin’ us through/Everyone tried to go solo, really nobody blew/I was hopin’ they do so I ain’t have to shoulder the group/”


On “Fall,” Em talks about the poor reception to his last album Revival. Em goes at his most vocal critics on “Fall,” including Charlamagne Tha God and Joe Budden. He also brazenly labels bisexual rapper Tyler the Creator a faggot, and hilariously tells the Grammys to go fuck themselves since his real goal is to inspire the kids who are somewhere, no doubt lip-syncing to his lyrics in a mirror somewhere. Em also issues a threat to his frequent critic Lord Jamar.

“Somebody tell Budden before I snap, he better fasten it/Or have his body baggage zipped/The closest thing he’s had to hits/ is smackin’ bitches/ And don’t make me have to give it back to Akademiks/Say this shit is trash again, I’ll have you twisted/
Like you had it when you thought you had me slippin’ at the telly/
Even when I’m gettin’ brain, you’ll never catch me with a thot”

“Not Alike”

This track will probably be a hit, since it’s a playoff of Migos hit single “Bad and Boujee.” Eminem links up with Royce, who kicks off this track explaining the difference between himself, Eminem and the rest of their crew. Royce is one of only a handful of MCs at best, who can hold his own lyrically on the same track as Eminem. It appears Royce is taking aim at mumble rappers, while Eminem is clearly directing bars at any gun-toting haters.

“I respond rarely, but this time Shady ’bout to sound off/Like a fuckin’ cocked semi Glock demi-god/ Let me put a silencer on this little non-threatening blond fairy/ cornball takin’ shots at me/ You’re not ready, fool, break yourself like Rocksteady/ CrewObviously, I’m not gettin’ through/ We can get it poppin’ like Redenbach/Lettin’ off like Remy Ma