Berner Explains How He Coped After A $200 Million Loss

In case you didn’t know it, rapper Berner is one of the most prolific and pioneering businessmen of the legalized cannabis industry.
Berner, 34, has managed to successfully manage a career as a rapper while running a legal marijuana empire which includes FreshKo, Cookies and his recording career.
The road to success was not paved in gold for Berner though.
In terms of the business, Berner has gathered wisdom from a few hard lessons, like missing out on a $200 million dollar deal.

“Just last week there was a huge deal going on and it was on a recreational play and it was for a brand of mine and the deal was two hundred million to buy it,” Berner explained. “We went through eight months of due diligence and paperwork and underwriting and cleaning up, you know licensing agreement, everything you would never want to have to do in life and I prepared everything. A test wire was sent out land the twelfth hour some bullshit had happened with some communication issues and the deal was pulled off the table.”
“When that shit when that shit didn’t come through and when I say it didn’t come through it’s not like oh we’re entertaining a deal didn’t work out I’m talking about the shit was about to close because some miscommunication, I’m not gonna go too deep into that shit just didn’t happen,” Berner told NoJumper. “I feel like it’s actually a blessing cause I’m beasting right.”
Luckily, Berner has been careful not to put material things before more important things, like family and his health.

“I got some nice shit but you know my happiness comes from other shit. I like just showing my kid and watching my kid grow up.” – Berner

“I really just kind of step back and look at like motherfuckers really die young these days, whether it be from some bullshit in the street or it be from like a cancer type thing, or a heart attack,” Berner said.People are dying so young you have to be happy and you have to understand that’s not all material. Because I look at some of the richest people and you really like look into them and you be around them and they’re just not happy.”