Legendary Rapper Maestro Fresh Wes Explains The Importance Of Reinventing Yourself

Toronto rapper Maestro Fresh Wes did not become the Godfather of Canadian hip-hop without having any meaningful goals.
The Canadian rapper and JUNO award-winner first came into prominence in 1989 upon the release of his first album Symphony in Effect and the launch of his smash hit “Let Your Backbone Slide.”
He is the first Canadian to have a record certified platinum and is credited as the “Godfather of Canadian hip-hop.”
The hip-hop legend recently shared his inspiring TED Talk video about the importance and wisdom of revising your goals in life
“As I evolve, I realize, you can have a vision, but sometimes you have to have a re-vision” explains Maestro Fresh Wes in his TED talk, released on YouTube and filmed in Vancouver, Canada in 2017.

“A lot of people have ideas, and they stay in their little box. I decided to keep on moving… Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t accomplish what you want to do. Revise yourself.” – Maestro Fresh Wes

Reinvention was key to Maestro Fresh Wes’ longevity in the rap business and in addition to releasing music, the rapper has transformed himself into an author, an actor and a keynote speaker.
This October, Maestro Fresh Wes joins Classified’s live tour across Canada for 26 shows.
In November, he celebrates his role as Paul Dwyer in the final season of CBC Television’s hit TV show Mr. D.
He’ll also warm up the crowds with a performance on Saturday November 23, at the Grey Cup festivities in Edmonton, Alberta.