These 5 Things Are Just As Deadly As Smoking

Smoking anything is terrible for you. But there are things you may be doing day-to-day that are just as bad for your health.
If you have ever wandered through the duty-free zones of an airport, you may have been surprised to see cheap cigarettes being sold in bulk.
But there’s a grim twist to the packaging of the smokes up for sale in the airports.
Unlike the colorful cartons in the U.S. which frequently target children, big tobacco brands like Marlboro, Newport and Pall Mall are forced to show graphic displays of cancer victims on the boxes.
The goal of each graphic picture is to underscore the dangers of smoking.
Now this article is not about lessening the impact smoking will have on you.
But, there are other things that are just as deadly as smoking that you may be doing In your day-to-day life as well.
Check out five things that are just as deadly as smoking.