Top 5 Lines From Machine Gun Kelly's "Rap Devil" Diss To Eminem

Rappers Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem are locked horns in an epic rap battle.
Machine Gun Kelly has issued a reply to slick lines Eminem made on his latest album Kamikaze.
On the song “Not Alike,” Eminem reveals he has some disdain for MGK after he flattered the rap star’s daughter Hailie Jade on the internet.

Unlike Lil Yachty who has been quiet, and Lil Pump, who apologized to Eminem and even admitted he deserves the disses, Machine Gun Kelly is in full fledge attack mode.
MGK dropped a bomb on Eminem on a song called “Rap Devil” today out of nowhere.
Take a listen below, and look at five of the best lines from “Rap Devil.”

MGK Says Eminem Is Not A Tough Guy

You’re sober and bored, huh/About to be 46 years old, dog/Talkin’ bout “I’ma call up Trick Trick”/Man you sound like a bitch, bitch/Man up and handle your shit/Mad about something I said in 2012/Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss

MGK Claims Eminem Blackballed Him Over A Tweet

Tell me, what do you stand for?/I know you can’t stand yourself/Trying to be the old you so bad you stan yourself/Let’s leave all the beefing to 50/Em you’re pushing fifty/Why you claiming that I’mma call Puff when you’re the one that called Diddy/Then you went and called Jimmy/They conference called me in the morning/They told me you mad about a tweet/You wanted me to say sorry/I swear to God I ain’t believed him/Please say it ain’t so/The big bad bully of the rap game can’t take a fucking joke

MGK Claims Eminem Has Lost His Fire

Look what you done to me, dropped an album just because of me/Damn, you in love with me
You got money but I’m hungry/I like the diss but you won’t say those lyrics out in front of me Shout out to every rapper that’s up under me/Know that I’ll never do you like this fuckery/Still bitter after everyone loves you
Pull that wedgie out your dungeries

MGK Says Eminem Never Goes Back To 8 Mile

They made a movie about you, you’re in everybody’s top ten/You’re not getting better with time/It’s fine Eminem, put down the pen/Or write an apology about the simple fact you had to write a diss to acknowledge me/
I am the prodigy/How could I even look up to you/You’re not even as tall as me/Your 5’8″ and I’m 6’4″/Seven punches hold your head still/Last time you saw “8 Mile” was at home on a treadmill

MGK Makes Fun Of Eminem’s Brand

You were named after a candy/I was named after a gangster/And don’t be a sucker and take my verse off of Yelawolf’s album/thank you/I just wanna feed my daughter/You tried to stop the money to support her/You the one always talk about the action
Text me the addy, I’m pulling up scrappy/And I’m by fucking myself, what’s happenin’?