This Is How Capitol Music Is Innovating With Coders And Developers

Capitol Music Group is showing its commitment to being a pioneer in the music and tech crossover space.
The legendary label is hosting Capitol Royale — a creativity and innovation marathon that will take place at the legendary Capitol Studios in Hollywood.
The two-day conference will bring together the music and tech industries’ leading creatives, coders, designers, and startups to highlight innovations that disrupt the music industry.
One of the highlights of Capitol Royale will be a hackathon that will challenge software developers to create products and services that reimagine music consumption and discovery.
Participants in the hackathon will have access to a catalog of roughly 14,000 Universal Music Group and Universal Music Publishing Group pre-cleared audio streaming tracks, and will be tasked with creating new and innovative products.

“With the Capitol Royale event, CMG has a unique opportunity to bring our artists first access to new platforms, products, and apps to connect with fans and share their music in new and innovative ways ” Capitol Music Group COO Michelle Jubelirer.

Those who attend the two-day conference will receive mentorship from veteran industry leaders and UMG’s technical partners.
Top executives like Michelle Jubelirer (Capital Music Group), Larry Marcus (Walden & Marcy Venture Partners), Bill Gagnon (Universal Music Group), Daniel Miller (Unity) Marc Byers (Motown) and others will be on hand to offer advice and guidance.
“We are committed to breaking boundaries and investing in the future by trailblazing new ground in music experiences and discovery,” Michelle Jubelirer added.
The label has also lined up some big-time sponsors of the event, including Capitol360 Innovation Center’s founding partners, Verizon, Twitch, Cloudinary, and ConsenSys’ blockchain music platform Ujo.
Capitol Royale will take place on December 1st and 2nd.