Answer These Questions To Jumpstart Your Year, Your Life

Each year people dream, plan, execute and navigate through the challenges designed to become bigger than their circumstance. They take action and align themselves, embodying the vibration of their core desires.
Often times people take all the right steps and do all this work and still struggle. Feeling in a rat race getting no where. Because they forget this whole world is a set up to a greatest awakening and self realization. They forget success is an inside job.
Some people forget the inner work is everything. These people could be doing all the right things, but their conditioning, mindset programming and energy could be negating and cancelling out all the amazing external work they are doing.
Start within. Do the inner work. Awaken the dream from the inside out
Below are powerful questions to support in creating an epic 2019.

1. Definition of Success – What does success look and feel like?
2. Completion – Where is life now?
3. 10 Year Plan – Magic wand on hand, 10 years from now, describe life.
4. Vision + Purpose – What and why does it matter?
5. Becoming – What was accomplished and who did you become?
These questions will quantum leap an epic year. Creating powerful clarity that propels forward, surrendering to the calling.
Take a few minutes to answer these questions and start to awaken an epic year from the inside out.