Young Thug Is Helping Kings College Graduate Millie Go Lightly Conquer The U.S. Music Scene

Singer/songwriter Millie Go Lightly just released her new single “Ride With U” from her debut EP Top of the Class.
Following the release of Gold Chain, Millie returns with “Ride With U” where her unique British vocals float on top of an Atlanta trap beat.
Her forthcoming EP features new music from Wheezy, Rex Kudo, Sevn, and Goose amongst others.

“Ride With U is kind of like a sequel to Medicine which was produced by Wheezy,” explains Millie, “It’s about having to make a decision for yourself about whether you can ride with someone or if you should really cut them off.”
Born and raised in the UK, Millie displayed a pronounced musical talent from an early age and subsequently developed an obsession with hip-hop and old school R&B.
After completing a degree in Classics from Kings College, Millie began working with Black Monday (Frank Ocean/Anderson Paak) and eventually made her way to Atlanta, grabbing the attention of Young Thug.

Millie’s relentless passion and a little bit of luck landed her in the studio with Young Thug, recording two tracks for his latest album Beautiful Thugger Girls.
She later appeared in the video for “Family Don’t Matter” and embarked on Young Thug’s European tour to perform for crowds as big as 50,000 – all before she had any solo music out.
Top of the Class is set to release on December 14th.