Are Booking Agents Being Replaced by Robots?

From switching on your heating to self-service checkouts, more and more day-to-day jobs are being replaced or aided by technology.
With Sound Finder’s latest feature, a virtual booking agent tool, is this the latest role to be superseded by tech?
Global Sound Group founded the peer-to-peer website, Sound Finder, in late 2018, with an aim to put musicians directly in touch with professional music and sound services around the world.
Musicians can contact providers (including sound engineers, graphic designers, video editors, songwriters and more) directly and purchase their services for their latest projects without leaving the site.
The latest feature to be added to the site is the groundbreaking virtual booking agent. This new tool will put musicians in direct contact with over 20,000 venues and promoters from all corners of the globe, allowing them to submit their music directly for consideration.
This saves artists from having to compile lists of local venues and send out hundreds of emails in hope of landing gigs. It also cuts out the middleman (and fees) for independent artists who are using a booking agent to secure their next gig.
Of course, the service could also be used by booking agents themselves as a one-stop shop for all of the connections they need.
The Nashville-based software company, Your Tempo, launched a new product line, Talent Buying Pro.
“We have been around for eight years now and have some of the top talent buyers using our booking platform. We see a need for a talent buying platform to fulfill their needs,” says Vice President Gwen Gude. “We have never felt better about the products, clients, team, and what is to come in 2019.”
Local technology entrepreneur, Brittany Wegusen, founded the company and serves as CEO, while Gwen Gude acts as Vice President and Client Liaison.
Wegusen oversees operations, and Gude will handle all software upgrades and client relationships in 2019. This innovative company is expanding its team by adding Tayler Bock. His role is to position Your Tempo at the forefront of the music technology industry.
Bock’s extensive background in music stems from his role as tour management, and being a booking agent, formerly at Buddy Lee Attractions and Artist Live.
The Talent Buying Pro platform facilitates all aspects of the talent buying process. It quickly allows buyers to see client snapshots, budgets, advance sheets, agent quotes, and much more. Your Tempo already has beta clients using the talent buying software and will be partnering up with more.