Compton Kidz Club Is Out To Change The Image Of Gangster Rap's Most Famous Cities

Fifteen of the most talented kids you have ever seen are getting ready to premiere their new show Compton Kidz Club on YouTube this Spring.
Not your typical reality show, this original series follows the lives of 15 astonishing girls who have each overcome extreme challenges in their lives, and are together, finding healing and inspirational ways through their everlasting sisterhood.
Compton Kidz Club has already garnered the interest of Hulu as a second-tier portal.
The only way to describe the pop phenomenon Compton Kidz Club is as an urban Mickey Mouse Club meets High School Musical.
It all started with Fred Martin as an afterschool program director who wanted to teach kids how to perform.
Many aspiring entertainers lead the pack, but only 15 of the most hardworking and talented girls make the team known as Compton Kidz Club.

Members of the current group are as follows: Tunay Raymond, Tiana Paul, Octavia Anthony, Ruby Garcia, Ariana Garcia, London Lee, Keke Haythe, Jayna Brown, Vivi Owens, Nitara Adams, Bobbie White, and Makerri White.

Former students that stay connected and have gone on to work in the industry: Princess Fortier (Modeling Coach), Dai Janae Lopez (Choreographer), Tai Phillips (Hair and Make-up), Carla Carter (Songwriter), and Sheven Morris (Producer).
All of the girls in this group are triple threats who can sing, dance, and act.
Over the past couple years Compton Kidz Club has attracted major attention of many Hollywood A-Listers.
The girls have opened for musical legends at the Hollywood Bowl multiple times, including Beck (2018), Diana Ross (2018), and the 2017 summer series Muppets Take Over The Bowl.
They were recently featured on Chelsea Handler’s original Netflix show Chelsea, opened up for Stella McCartney’s 2018 spring fashion show, and performed at Baron Davis’ 2017 celebrity basketball game.
This past Christmas Day, Compton Kidz Club was fortunate enough to perform on Fox 11 Good Day LA. Already in 2019, the girls performed on the eve of the Golden Globes for The Art of Elysium with many Golden Globe nominees in attendance, and they will be performing with Common at the second annual Social Justice event with Angela Davis.
They just got word about being commissioned to produce a song/video for the 100th celebration of the ILO, and United Nations.
In the past, every show regarding Compton would depict the same old story – gangsta rap, crime, and overall gang life. No one has ever tapped into the real lives of children actually growing up in Compton.

With so many tragic back-stories accompanying these girls and others like them, the focus for this group lies in showcasing their rise from the ashes in spite of their harrowing obstacles and challenges – making them an inspiration to youth all over the world.
Compton Kidz Club is giving these girls the skills they’ll need to prepare for their future, so that they don’t become a victim of the common ills that plague their society.
Founding director Fred Martin is truly a hero with Compton Kidz Club and in the Compton community.
With his Urban Entertainment Institute, he grooms the members for future stardom.
However, there is no audition or prerequisite for getting into this afterschool program. Fred believes by instilling trust, love, consistency, and showing that he cares, his students can overcome any obstacle.

Fred Martin’s dedication is demonstrated in his every day teachings by giving them an outlet to climb to the top of the ladder, which he instills in them to be true entertainment professionals.
After some of the past members went on to be students at King Drew Magnet High School, (in Los Angeles, CA) he added that school to his afterschool program list as well. This sacred program of music and performing is a safe haven for these kids to escape to.
Compton Kidz Club is on a mission to empower, educate, and enlighten. Each and every Compton Kidz Club member has had their own experience of a personal breakthrough, and their stories are ones of faith, ambition, and a will to move forward.
Smart, sassy, and extremely talented, you too will be smitten once you see and hear these truly talented girls.