Rapper/Producer Kero One Is On A Mission To Take Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Worldwide

What is Lofi Hip-Hop?

Many are asking, few have the answers, and tens of millions are now listening to this therapeutic chill beat sub genre.
With total collective views of the genre song streams on Youtube and Spotify reaching over 100 million views, there is no denying the recent popularity.
Headlining a tour to spread the word about the genre is one of the early 2000’s “Chill-Hop ambassadors, DJ/Producer/Rapper Kero One.

Kero One’s music spans over 15 years and remains one of the most popular stations on Pandora Radio in the chill beats and lofi hiphop tags.
Dusting off his rare vinyl collection, Kero will rock an analog only DJ set + live performance.
In support will be various guests who are no strangers to lofi playlists. Come join us for the first ever tour exploring the mystical Lo-Fi/Chill Beats genre.


3/29 – SEATTLE
3/30 – SEATTLE
4/04 – OAKLAND
4/19 – NYC
4/21 – CHICAGO