These Are The Three Stages Of Video Production You Must Master

Studies show that 55 percent of people view videos online every single day. What’s more, multimedia content is one of the best-performing digital marketing tactics, too.
In fact, research from Google found that almost 66 percent of consumers receive purchase ideas from videos. However, creating the perfect video takes a special set of expertise and a specific set of steps., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, delved into the three key stages of video production and determined how businesses can ensure they are successful in those stages.
Here are the three main video production stages.


Video pre-production includes all of the tasks leading up to the shoot. This includes:
Creating a concept.
Writing a script.
Casting the video.
Creating a schedule for the shoot.
Creating a call sheet for the people needed at the shoot.
The key to successful pre-production is an organized and effective producer. This person (or team of people) will take the lead in organizing all team members, acting as a project manager of sorts. Luckily, the best video productions companies typically offer comprehensive pre-production services and expert producers.


Production entails that actual creation of the video, whether that is physically filming something, designing the animations, or something else.
Producers are yet again instrumental in production – particularly for actual in-person shoots. They keep track of the tasks that need to be accomplished, coordinate team members, and ensure they day runs according to the schedule created in pre-production.


Finally, post-production involves finessing and polishing the video into a final product. Typical post-production tasks include:
Editing and sound mixing.
Creating drafts, reviewing them, and editing them accordingly.
Distributing and marketing videos.
And more!
Post-production often takes several weeks or more to complete satisfactorily.
“Although there are only three main stages to video production, brands shouldn’t be fooled – executing them well can be tough,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “Each stage has its own unique checklist and best practices that should be followed to ensure the entire video process is organized and the final product is beautiful, successful and delivered on time.”