How To Reclaim Your "Mental Real Estate"

Resilience expert Anne Grady is not your typical motivational speaker.
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Anne checks in with with some tips to help you reclaim your “mental real estate.”

You wouldn’t just let someone move into your house, so why are you giving away your mental space? Here’s a checklist to determine if you need to reclaim your attention and focus.

Do you check your phone the minute you get out of bed?

You just gave someone else permission to be in charge of your brain. The first and last 30 minutes of the day is when you are most vulnerable to having your attention hijacked. The first can lead you to feeling distracted throughout the day, while the second can disrupt your sleep, setting you up for another distracted day.

Do you find yourself constantly checking social media, such as while standing in the grocery store checkout aisle?

Social media can be great if it helps you connect with others and build relationships, but not if it causes you to constantly compare yourself with others – waging mental war with yourself.

Do you feel your attention being constantly drawn away from where you want to direct it?

The only thing you can really control is where you attune your attention. When you are stressed, you are attuned to that. You can numb it by going on Facebook for an hour, but what have you accomplished?
Giving away mental real estate also happens when we ruminate about things we can’t control or wish we would have done differently. It’s basically anytime you are letting someone or something live rent free in your head, or dictate your mood or behavior.

By: Anne GradyFounder, Author, Speaker Anne Grady Group