10 Hip Hop Artists That Use Vape Pens

As vaping continues to take popular culture by storm, it should come as no surprise to see celebrities enjoying the habit themselves. In fact, many hip hop artists have begun to infuse vaping culture into their music videos, and some have even partnered with vaping brands to create their own unique vaping products. 

Who are the most notorious vaping hip hop artists? Take a look below at ten hip hop artists that use vape pens.

1. Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog infamously includes marijuana in his music videos, lyrics about getting high, and has created an entire persona centered on cannabis use, so vaping was an easy lateral transition. Always the savvy businessman, Snoop Dog partnered with G Pen to design and produce a dry herb vaporizer. It boasted a high-quality build and a map of Long Beach, California.


While G Pen no longer produces the Snoop Dog G Pen, it is still sold by 3rd party retailers, and Snoop Dog continues to enjoy dry herb vaping to this day. 

2. Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has enjoyed a successful music career spanning more than a decade, and more recently, has begun to enjoy vaping, too! Following a niche vaping trend, Soulja Boy partnered with Phantom Smoke E-Hookah, which is a vaping product that mimics that traditional hookah smoking experience. 


Unlike Snoop Dog, who designed his own device, Soulja Boy collaborated to introduce a branded flavor, red apple. 

3. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is another mainstream hip hop artist that has taken advantage of their platform to endorse vaping products. Like Snoop Dog, Khalifa also partnered with GPen to created a branded MicroG vaporizer, which specializes in dry herb and wax concentrates. 


They ended up shooting a vape into space to get people’s attention, and it seemed to work well! GPen has continued a history of successful collaborations with other hip hop artists. 

4. DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled loves vaping. His music videos are filled with it, and he has partnered with Kandypens to advertise their products in his videos. While he hasn’t created his own specific brand or model yet, there are rumors that he is considering doing so.

5. Birdman

Birdman has enjoyed success as both a hip hop artist and producer, and his business savvy has translated well into endorsing vaping products. Unlike many other artists on this list, who have endorsed vape pen brands, or designed pens themselves, Birdman created his own e-juice line. 


Called Stunna E-Juice, the product has proven to be a popular success for Birdman. We expect more great vaping things from this hip hop artist!

6. A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky has enjoyed success as a collaborative hip hop artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and even as a model. His success also extends to his successful endorsement of vaping products! He collaborated with Kandypens to create his own product, the A$AP Rocky Vape Pen, which can be used as an oil, dry herb, or wax concentrate device. 


The pen also has a pleasing aesthetic. It’s high-end feel, and flashy design is a great reflection of the aesthetic that A$AP Rocky has spent his career cultivating. 

7. Rick Ross

Rick Ross has experienced his fair share of controversy, including losing an endorsement with Reebok due to his songs’ questionable lyrics. However, he has long been a proponent of marijuana use, and his partnership with mCig is a great reflection of his affinity for vaping. 


Ross is both a brand ambassador for mCig and has also created his own branded product in collaboration with them, Mastermind (which was the name of an album released close to the same time as this product). 

8. Professor Green

Professor Green is a prominent hip hop artist from the United Kingdom, but he is also a well-known aficionado of vaping. He has been an active participant in several vaping expos and also curated and sells his own line of vaping e-juices. 


The brand is called “Unruly,” and unlike other artists, who craft or endorse single flavors of e-juice, Professor Green has curated six flavors that he swears by. 

9. Katy Perry

Unlike the other artists on this list, who have used their interest in vaping to leverage business deals, Katie Perry famously used vaping to transition away from tobacco smoking. Vaping positioned her well to kick the nicotine habit for good when she decided to start growing her family.

10. Zion I

Zion 1 has been open and honest about his vaping and marijuana use. He is recorded as saying that he used to smoke and vape heavily but has curbed his habit to where he doesn’t smoke at all and only occasionally uses his vape pen. Currently, Zion 1 does not have any endorsements or business relationships with vaping brands. 

Hip Hop and Vaping

The hip hop community has undoubtedly played a huge role in helping to bring vaping into the mainstream. Be it by crafting e-juices, designing vaporizers, or just being a genuine fan; artists have come to increasingly enjoy the benefits that vaping provides.