Clothing Brand Bape Entering The Metaverse

MADworld, an NFT marketplace under Animoca Brands, recently announced that it has partnered with the famous Japanese clothing brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE) to bring them into the metaverse. 

BAPE has a wide range of labels, including AAPE and BAPE Black, which is sold online and in stores across the world.

With this partnership, both MADworld and BAPE will develop a cohesive approach that will see the main products of both brands (streetwear and tokens) within the multi-metaverse. BAPE also recently launched its first NFT, (B)apetaverse. The project consists of over 10,000 3D NFTs.

MADworld, on the other hand, is committed to providing the best features of Web3 technologies. Its primary mission is to provide connectivity, community, and culture to the public.

MADworld has been reinventing how creators make, digitize, and share their creations with others. The platform supports both creators and artists who wish to leverage non-fungible tokens so that they can promote their work while effectively monetizing them.

With its capabilities, MADworld will let these individuals combine digital and physical elements, produce NFTs, and then distribute them throughout the platform based on their terms. The exciting BAPE-MADworld collaboration is sure to result in something innovative and will focus on enhancing the online/offline experience.

The platform already supports many renowned artists such as Pat Lee and Dan Fraga, both Marvel and DC veteran comic illustrators. They also have partnerships with CryptoDiffer, Hex Trust, Panony, and OLIVEX.

About MADworld

MADworld is an NFT platform for both digital and real-world collectibles that is powered by the Multiverse Artist Defender. It is the only platform available at this time that allows NFTs to work with its tokenization of assets in the real world.

At this time, MADworld claims to have 10 billion UMAd tokens minted and strategically allocated within its platform.

About A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape was founded in 1993 by Tomoaki Nagao, also known as Nigo, in Japan. The brand specializes in providing streetwear and lifestyle clothing to men, women, and children, running many stores throughout the country and worldwide.

Nigo named BAPE after the 1968 film Planet of the Apes when he decided to start his own company. 

He wanted to expose the BAPE brand to the world, so he gave out t-shirts to Cornelius, a Japanese musician and producer, who wore his outfits while performing live. 

BAPE has become a famous brand for celebrities in the hip-hop scene and fashionistas across the globe. Nigo is also the head designer and co-owner of Pharrel Williams’ clothing brands Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys Club.