Dr. Dre, Issa Rae Back Bill For Largest Funding Increase For Music Education In U.S. History

There’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than listening to the music you love. Music can be anything you want – be it a friend that you can run to in times of crisis or someone you can listen to if you feel lonely and sad. 

No matter what the genre is, be it hip-hop, classical, pop, etc., music is still music, and the health benefits of listening to music have been well documented.

That is why people in California can’t help but celebrate when the Arts and Music in Public Schools Ballot Measure Funding Guarantee Accountability Act collected more than a million signatures that support their measure to increase the funding for the Arts and Music Education in California.


Why Should This Ballot Measure Be Passed?

Supporters believe that this ballot measure is not just some sort of action for politics, but this will be the key to giving a brighter future for all the public school children who want to showcase their love and talent for arts and music.

Austin Beutner, the advocate of the Arts and Music in Public Schools Ballot Measure, believes that the said act will help the media, technology, and entertainment reflect the diversity in public schools.

Powerhouse superproducer and philanthropist Dr. Dre is backing the bill. Dre takes education very seriously. The high school dropout recently donated $10 million towards a $200 million school being built in Compton, and he donated $70 million to open his school on USC’s campus. 

During a groundbreaking ceremony, Dr. Dre talked about the importance of music and education.

“I was an artistic kid in school with no outlet for it. I knew I had something special to offer to the world, but with nothing to support my gift, schools left me feeling unseen.” 

Dr. Dre

Issa Rae teamed up with NASDAQ to raise $100,000 for a local organization in Los Angeles called LeadersUp to help spark career development and job creation in the city. 

What Are The Benefits of This Bill?

The said ballot measure will receive its official Proposition number in July 2022 after the signatures are verified. And once 50% of all the California voters approve this measure, it will instantly become a law.

The benefits public schools will be able to receive from this bill are as follows:

  • Public schools will be able to receive annual funding for their Arts and Music education of almost $900 million.
  • Help make sure that all media, technology, and entertainment industries will reflect the diversity of all the children in public schools.
  • ALL students in California, even those in PreK-12 public schools, will benefit from this bill and receive extra funding that will go to the children residing in communities with high needs, particularly the Black and Latino students.

Everyone in California is anticipating and raising their hopes for this bill to be passed, alongside their supporters and backers, so that they can enjoy and witness the most significant funding increase for Arts and Music education in the entire history of the United States.