NEVER Too Late: Actor Anthony Anderson Discusses Graduating From College At 51

IT WAS ALL A DREAM: exclaimed the Emmy-nominated comedian, Anthony Anderson, quoting Biggie Smalls, as he turned his dream into reality after graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from Howard University at the age of 51.

The “Black-ish” actor shared on his Instagram about how this dream was “30 years in the making.” Never the quitter, Anderson defied the norms and pursued his dream even at an older age.

Continuing his Instagram post, the actor credited his son, Nathan Anderson, for encouraging him to finally make his dream come true. The actor also expressed his gratitude and gratefulness towards the dean and the members of the Chadwick A Boseman College of Fine Arts.

The actor’s Instagram caption stated, “things happen when they’re supposed to happen! I’d like to thank Dr. Wayne Fredrick, Dean Phylicia Rashad, Dean Denise Saunders Thomas, and Courtney Bless Long for helping to make this happen for me! It takes a village.”

Anderson revealed that he was already speaking with the college deans to curate a curriculum for him. He also confirmed that the college dean heeded his request and created a hybrid program he could take at home and on campus classes to catch up and graduate alongside his son.

During an interview with the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the award-winning actor shared that he was a former student of the aforementioned university. 

Unfortunately, the actor was forced to stop attending the university due to a financial problem. 

Anderson explained further that he was paying for his own education, and when he hit a financial spiral, he knew he had to put his dreams on pause. Regardless, the actor was not 30 years too late or 30 years too early; he was perfectly on time.

Anderson’s fans never fail to support him in every decision he makes, and they expressed their support for the actor’s success. Lionel Richie, Jenifer Lewis, and countless other celebrities also stormed the comments section of Anderson’s post to share their congratulations.

The 51-year-old actor’s iconic diploma post has garnered a whopping 43.6k likes and 2,014 comments.

You Can Do it, Too!

Let this be an inspiration that it is never too late to pursue your dreams! 

Just as Anthony Anderson said, things happen when they’re supposed to happen. Hurdles may stop you from pursuing your dreams right now, but you shouldn’t put a period down when your story is about to reach its climax. 

You’re never too old to graduate and achieve your dreams.

Countless other people around the globe share the same narrative as Anderson’s — many have, despite their age, battled against the odds to realize their dreams. 

So what’s stopping you from finally writing that book, releasing that album, or graduating from college? Are you going to let your age be the thing that keeps you from achieving your dreams?