Crypto: The New Way To Pay College Tuition?

Cryptocurrency plays a crucial role in today’s economy, especially as a form of payment among many institutions.

Crypto has been a more secure form of payment than credit and debit cards. So naturally, Crypto continues to spread and evolve as a new solution for platforms with many online customers and clients. 

It has never been easier to transfer wealth and assets, especially in today’s era. Sales can be completed in a matter of seconds. While it may seem surprising, cryptocurrency has the potential to be a beneficial form of payment for academic institutions.

Bentley University Accepts Crypto for Payments

Bentley University, a prestigious institution in Waltham, Massachusetts, now accepts Crypto as a tuition payment option. They are planning to open up channels to accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, and stablecoins as well. 

One of the earliest believers in Bitcoin on the campus was Alex Kim, a Bentley student. During high school, Kim started investing in Bitcoin and later launched the Bentley Blockchain Association

His student-run blockchain group ballooned into 257 members soon after its creation. 

Thanks in part to Kim’s activism, Bentley University partnered with Coinbase to provide students and their parents with more accessible and faster ways to pay their tuition. 

“Students have a real interest in knowing more about blockchain, decentralized finance and cryptocurrency investments. These technologies are influencing the industries where they will be working.”

Alex Kim

Bentley University is one of the top business schools in the country, given its digital innovation and resourceful use of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Through examples like Alex Kim, they are also models of effective and intelligent leadership. 

Paying College Tuition With Crypto

While paying college tuition with Crypto is still an uncommon phenomenon, other institutions are looking into it, following Bentley’s example. 

Soon enough, more institutions will discover the viability of cryptocurrency as a payment method. The traditional payment structure is now being transformed globally, and companies continue to support faster and more accessible means of payment. 

Colleges and universities are no different. This digital solution ensures that students’ money is in safe storage and that transfers can be done more seamlessly. The most attractive aspect is how cheap it is to pay through this method.