Rapper Berner Bringing His Experience To Benzinga Psychedelics Advisory Council

Berner, a Billboard-charting rapper turned business mogul, is taking the cannabis world by storm through his influence on not only music but also marijuana culture. 

He’s become a prominent trend-setting figure because of his accomplishments in these industries.

A Little Background on Rapper Berner

Born in San Francisco, Berner started rapping in his high school years (circa the mid-2000s). He produced and released his debut mixtape “Dirty Sneakers… Ways to Get It,” in 2007.

In 2012, he signed with Taylor Gang Records, an independent music label founded by Wiz Khalifa, for his fourth set called Urban Farmer. Over the years, Berner grew his network and evolved his career by collaborating with artists like Mozzy, B-Real, the Jacka, Styles P, Cam’ron, and Young Dolph.

In 2019, he released the album El Chivo, which included a song called “Wassup,” featuring rap icons Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods. Berner continued his collaborative efforts with artists in the industry in the years that followed, producing and releasing a series of gangster-themed mixtapes.

His Influence in the Cannabis World

His success in the rap world would not have happened if it weren’t for his presence and influence on marijuana culture. 

After releasing his 2007 debut album, he spent most of his time working in weed dispensaries. There, he was able to expand his circle and make a name for himself. Eventually, he got the opportunity to meet and become friends with stoner rapper Wiz Khalifa. 

Through their connection, Berner became a member of Khalifa’s music production company, Taylor Gang Records. 

While his musical fame grew, he dabbled in the cannabis business. As a vocal marijuana advocate, Berner co-founded Cookies in 2010, a brand that sells marijuana and marijuana-associated products. Through this brand, he was able to promote and celebrate the cannabis lifestyle. 

Cookies: The Biggest Cannabis Brand

Over the years, Cookies became one of the most significant cannabis brands worldwide. While its foundation is rooted in weed, the brand and its founder never fail to continuously innovate every year, offering new products to their loyal consumers. 

According to Benzinga, “Cookies values the power of the plant and focuses on creating game-changing genetics. The company offers a collection of over 70 proprietary cannabis strains and more than 2,000 products.” Through their efforts, Berner plans to enrich communities impacted by the War on Drugs. 

Why He’s Part of the Benzinga Psychedelics Advisory Council

His influence in music and the cannabis world makes him an ideal candidate to be a part of the Benzinga Psychedelics Advisory Council. 

As an organization that aims to bring thought leaders together to share industry trends, forecasts, and relevant news, Benzinga Psychedelics Advisory Council values Berner’s experience and expertise in understanding the cannabis and psychedelics industries. 

“I’m excited and humbled to join our good friends at Benzinga in this mission. Over the years, the Benzinga team has been incredibly supportive of the cannabis and psychedelics industry and Cookies specifically. I am honored and excited to collaborate with experts in the space,” said Berner, Co-Founder, and CEO of Cookies.

Berner and other industry leaders will share insight and innovations through articles, live conversations, conferences, and opinion pieces on Benzinga’s media outlet. With this exposure, Berner can reach and empower communities across the globe.