LG Display’s New Gaming OLED Displays: A Game-Changer for Gamers

Yo gamers, get ready for the ultimate upgrade to your setup with LG Display’s sick new gaming OLED displays. These bad boys are set to drop at CES 2023 in January and trust us, you’re gonna wanna get your hands on ’em.

First up, we’ve got the 45-inch ultra-wide OLED display.

This beast boasts a refresh rate of 240Hz per second, thanks to its lightning-fast response time of 0.03ms. Translation: you’ll get crystal clear picture quality and super smooth movements, even during the most intense gaming sessions. And with OLED technology delivering rich, vibrant, and crisp images, you’ll be fully immersed in your favorite games.

But that’s not all. LG Display’s gaming OLED displays also come equipped with a special polarizer designed to minimize external light reflections.

This means you’ll get perfect black under any lighting conditions, resulting in sick image quality and accurate color depiction. Plus, with a curvature radius of 800mm (aka 800R), these displays provide the optimal curve for different types of content.

But let’s not forget about eye comfort.

These gaming OLED panels emit the lowest level of blue light compared to premium LCD displays of the same size. This means you can game for hours on end without worrying about eye fatigue.

LG Display will start mass-producing these 27- and 45-inch gaming OLED displays this month, and they’ll be used in premium monitors for companies like LG Electronics, Asus, and Corsair.

Don’t sleep on these game-changing displays from LG Display. Upgrade your setup and dominate your opponents like never before.