Can't Focus? Take A Look At Green Crack, It's The New Adderall


A strain of marijuana with an odd name and side effect has become popular on college campuses around the nation.
The Green Crack strain of marijuana is becoming a preferred replacement to Adderall, thanks to its similar effects.
Rap star Snoop Dogg popularized the name Green Crack, which is most usually found in the four states that have ratified recreational marijuana laws ().
The powerful Sativa/Indica strains are descendants of Skunk #1 and are noted for treating depression and anxiety as well as providing energy and focus.
A good batch of the marijuana usually smells like pineapples or cat pee, depending on the nose. Green Crack contains about 16.8% THC just a little more than 4% of the average Sativa strain (12.5%).
Some Adderall users are switching to similar forms Sativa as an alternative to prescription drugs. However, possible users should beware.
Just like Adderall, there are side effects to puffing on Green Crack. Users who have a low THC tolerance have reported higher pulse rates, confusion, and severe agitation.
Despite the possible complications, the strain is a favorite for new growers because it can be raised indoor and outdoors and has a blooming time of 7–9 weeks. Green Crack retails for around $11.50/gram or $265/ounce.
Be careful if you are a nonprescription user of Adderall and you think Green Crack is going to help you. Studies state that abusers of Adderall are more likely to use alcohol and marijuana, skip class more often and spend less time studying.