Now, Students In Canada Can Get A Crash Course On How To Grow and Sell The Finest Weed

A University in Canada hopes to redefine the definition of higher learning. Ok that is super cliche.
Seriously though, Kwantlen Pokytechnic University in British Columbia is offering a course to prepare students in the country to be successful in the emerging industry.

The 14-week course is taught online, and will teach plant production, regulations, marketing, facility management, product production and other important concentrations of study. Over in Canada, the Supreme Court recently ruled that medical marijuana patients can legally consume and smoke cannabis.
But it’s not all good in the country just yet.
The Canadians are heading for a Federal Election in October, and members of the three main parties, Conservatives, Liberals and the New Democrats, are debating the use of recreational marijuana.
“There are some Colorado-like changes taking place to legislation in Canada,” Jim Pelton, executive director of continuing and professional studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University told the USA Today.
“We did a bit of market research and the research indicated that the industry does believe there is a need for this kind of training,” Pelton continued. “We are the College of Professional Studies here, so it’s really our job to respond to industry training needs.”
The Conservatives are fine with the things as they are, Liberals support legalization, while the New Democratic Party wants decriminalization.
Either way, Jim Pelton, the executive director of continuing and professional studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University wants his students to be ready.