Recovering Alcoholics Rejoice! Students Think Your Sexier Than People Who Don't Drink At All

Photo by: Torley CC: by S.A. 2.0

A new study conducted by Yale, Brown and the University of Houston revealed some shocking information about the perception of several types of drinkers.


Almost 600 students participated in a study that analyzed drinking habits and rated their attractiveness to other varieties of drinkers.Each participant in the research was shown 25 faces that had mixed information about drinking match to the picture. The students then ranked the faces on likability, desire to meet the person intelligence and attractiveness.
Alarmingly, some of the data exposed the fact that the students viewed recovering alcoholics in a more positive light than those who completely abstained from alcohol use.
“We think that maybe people thought more highly of that person who recognized they had a problem and were doing something to change it,” said one of the study’s authors Chelsie Young, who is a graduate student at the University of Houston.
“That might have given people a more positive view of recovering alcoholics than if we hadn’t included the part about abstaining,” Young hypothesized. “Some people see them as very responsible, but other research suggests people think they’re stuck up and are different to people who drink.”
Another interesting fact was discovered. Women tend to view men more negatively if they drink more, while men showed the opposite opinion. More research may be done at universities in different states that have a heavier drinking culture in an attempt to validate or disapprove the recent round of findings.
The complete findings will be published in February 2016 in the Journal of Addictive Behaviors.