There Will Be "High Times" In Jamaica When Tens of Thousands Of Pot Heads Invade The Island

High Times Flyer

Next month, the shores of Jamaica will be invaded.

Hundreds of thousands of devout followers are journeying to the Mecca of marijuana in the search of the best ganja in the universe.
High Times magazine has teamed with the local organizers of the Rastafari RootzFest to host the Jamaican World Cannabis Cup in Negril, Jamaica from November 12th–15th.
In Jamaica, marijuana is illegal but it is decriminalized. Earlier this year, the Jamaican government formally recognized Rastafari Sacraments and religious rights, which frequently involve marijuana.
Tourists who are prescribed marijuana can legally buy up to two ounces of local weed as well. Anyone else is subject to a $5 fine.
Rastafari RootzFest’s event with High Times is the first lawful ganja-exempt event in Jamaica and will take place at Long Bay Beach Park, along Seven Mile Beach. Artists like Tarras Riley, Luciano, The Mighty Diamonds, I Wayne and Fred Locks will perform during the Jamaican World Cannabis Cup.
High Times was founded in 1974 by University of Utah graduate Tom Forcade, who also served as a drug smuggler and weed dealer before founding his counter-culture magazine.
In a few short years, High Times was a hit and competing with mainstream publications like Rolling Stone in addition to raking in almost $10 million a month. Tom Forcade didn’t live to see the rise of medical marijuana and the move to decriminalize and even legalize the drug he championed.
Tragically, he committed suicide in 1978 at the age of 33.
High Times has grown tremendously since its first issue, which was published over 41 years ago.The brand has moved into film production, book publishing and even released a Hip-Hop album. But one of the most important drivers of High Times continues to be its annual Cannabis Cup.
In 2015, Cannabis Cup’s were held in Denver, Michigan, Northern California and the upcoming one in Jamaica. Next year Cannabis Cup events are being held in Southern California and Portland, Oregon.