Freddie Gibbs' New Strain Of Weed Will Turn Your Head and Space You Out

Rapper Freddie Gibbs is the latest artist to develop and market his own brand of marijuana thanks to a new partnership with a company called Chroncierge.

The Freddie Kane OG strand is a play on the name “Eddie Kane,” the fun-loving drug addicted character from “The 5 Heartbeats,” as well as the name of one of Freddie Gibbs’ mixtapes.
Freddie partnered with Chroncierge and Los Angeles based marketing agency The Grow Division composed a launch party for the new strand of bud.
During the launch party for Freddie Gibbs’ new weed, House Shoes and DJ Hyder previewed tracks from his new album Shadow of a Doubt. Guests could also got a hold of some exclusive, limited run merchandise from Freddie Gibbs, who partnered with The Seventh Letter and artist TYKE WITNES on the T-shirt line.
Here are some facts and flicks about Freddie’s new strain of good good.


Freddie Kane OG

Freddie Gibb’s new weed

Freddie Gibbs’ first signature strain “Freddie Kane OG” has been described by users as “euphoric, tranquilizing and analgesic” and is a groundbreaking collaboration that highlights the natural synergy between the worlds of cannabis and music.

The strain was developed with musician Jud Nester of Chroncierge. His goal is to find new talent and open up revenue streams for artists in the billion dollar a year legal marijuana industry.

Freddie Kane OG

Freddie Kane OG..looks great!

A lush and vibrant green nugget dipped with THC crystals and the structure only a master grower can attain, she is the super model of strains, a truly picture perfect OG. To be specific, the line is an Indica/Hybrid with 29% THC and 0.13% CBD.

Does Freddie Gibbs have House Shoes smoking again?!

Does Freddie Gibbs have House Shoes smoking again?!

Scent: The smell is a head turner with such an incredibly intense aroma that the smell alone feels powerful enough to intoxicate. Every intricate texture of its aromatic qualities translate perfectly through the smoke start to finish.

Freddie Kane OG can space you out!

High: The Freddie Kane OG creeps in spacey with a heavy, warming and cerebral high that resonates throughout the entire body initially, eventually coming to rest on the back of the eye lids. This is not your average OG high, this one packs extra punch with longevity.

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