Want To Stay Alert and Get That Work Done? Try Some "Durban Poison"

[I]f you need to stay focused and desire to stay clear of the harder drugs circulating campus, you might want to look into the nefariously named marijuana strain “Durban Poison” that’s out on the market.
The strain is made by Organic Alternatives (in the states where it is legal, of course) and the name does not do justice to the sweet smell of the strain. It has a lemony, fruity smell, minus any traces of that pesky “skunky” smell.
The pure Sativa strain is said to give a high that helps increase energy, mental alertness, and the giggles, according to Roastin’ With Rick’s review in The Green Report, a student-run blog produced by Colorado State University.

“I was very active and pretty energized after smoking. Surprisingly, I was also focused — no matter what I put my mind to, I was getting it done and doing it in good time. Along with that, I was consistently (and pleasurably) overwhelmed with giddiness.” – Roastin’ With Rick – The Green Report

Last year, Durban Poison, which takes its name from the South African city it originated in, was named one of the “25 Greatest Strains of All-Time” by High Times magazine.
“Overall, I give Durban Poison a solid eight leaves out of 10. More than likely, I’ll be back to Organic Alternatives again to snag a couple grams of it soon,” said Rick aka Senior Reporter, Rick Cookson.