The Future of Dispensaries…Weed Falling from The Sky?

Photo By: ackab1 CC BY-SA 2.0

If you’ve ever walked into a dispensary in one of the states where it is legal, buying some marijuana can be a little confusing.

First of all, there’s usually one line for the public were buying for recreational use, and another for those who have medical marijuana cards.

If there’s a long line, and you are a tourist, it can be confusing and embarrassing to wait in the wrong line only to get dissed when you are about to buy your favorite good good.
The fact that it’s a cash-only business at the moment means there’s always serious security in these dispensaries. As you go to buy your smoke, you can usually see at least one armed guard wandering around the store making sure shit stays in line.
Most times, you will not even experience that level of security when you are buying some schwag from your local weed dealer. Anyway, have you ever wondered what the dispensaries of the future are going to look like in the next two to three years?
An article on The Stoner’ s gathered up experts to tackle the question, which is extremely important to the growth of the legal cannabis industry.
The shopping experience will be one of the first changes to hit the trade, according to Dona Frank, founder of California dispensary chain Organicann. Frank told the website that dispensaries would offer a more retail-like experience in the near future.
“You want to have a variety, and that’s the way cannabis is. You want to have a variety of different types of smokes, flavors, and experiences,” Frank told The Stoner’s Cookbook. 
The days of showcasing a dispensaries variety of weed in display cases are also numbered. The sheer number of volume of products on the market means that retailers will have to rethink the layouts of their dispensaries.
Experts believe that the dispensaries of the future will be a lot more high tech as well. Think about the feeling you get when you walk into an Apple store. Well, some believe dispensaries will take a similar approach to the showcasing of their merchandise.
It will also speed up the purchase process and take full advantage of impulse buys.
However, that same technology could help replace the dispensary business altogether, much like Amazon is a threat to traditional distributors with its plans for drone delivery. Most of these changes are not expected until around 2020, so until then be prepared for a little bit of awkwardness when you walk into a dispensary.
We can only hope the wonders of technology will allow our marijuana to fall from the sky, along with our packages from Amazon, so lets hope San Francisco startup Trees Delivery gets off the ground!