Drinking and Smoking Like Drake and Gucci Mane: Is "Both" Being Dangerous?

“I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high /But I’m both right now, got me talking about my life/I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high/But I’m both right now…” Drake ft. Gucci Mane – Both

Have you ever been at a party with everything is in place Unlimited free alcohol, good music, and plenty of the opposite sex?
But what happens when you’re in what you consider “the perfect social event” and someone offers you a little bit of weed to go with your booze?
For some people, this might be the ultimate enhancement to what is already the optimal setting, but for others, marijuana and alcohol can be a strong combination.
For the more experienced partygoer, this concoction may equal the ultimate alchemy.

If you are new to the social circuit and don’t know how these party favors affect you simultaneously it can be devastating.
The main reason that pairing pot with binge drinking can lead to disastrous negative results is because marijuana is known for its ability to control the urge to vomit.
This is the main reason that medical marijuana is used to treat cancer patients going through chemotherapy who have difficulty with nausea.
While this can be advantageous to people who are prescribed it, marijuana can be detrimental to the person who has consumed more alcohol than their body can handle.
When someone drinks too much the body’s natural reaction is to expel the “poison” by regurgitation.
When that function becomes suppressed, alcohol poisoning quickly sets in and your body cannot rid itself of what is damaging it internally.
This goes to show you that a combo considered heavenly by some can quickly lead others down a path to hell.
Be safe, be aware, and help your friends understand this potentially life-saving information.
Enjoy responsibly and know that drinking + smoking isn’t always fun, but it isn’t always bad either.
We can agree that it is “Both.”