Finally! This Doctor Aims To End "Cottonmouth" Once and For All

Have you ever wondered WTF happens every time you smoke a little bit of weed and then feel like your mouth is made up of a dry concrete mixture surrounding a sandpaper tongue?

It’s actually a bit more scientific than you may imagine.
One would think inhaling smoke alone with the mix of dry air and heat would lend itself to an arider oral landscape.
The secret really lies within your body’s cannabinoid receptors and the reactions inside your salivary glands.
When combusted marijuana is inhaled, the receptors in your mouth are overwhelmed with cannabinoids and momentarily halt the saliva generation process.
Studies have shown that prolonged dry mouth can ultimately impact your gums and overall oral health.

Fortunately, an inventor/dentist named Dr. David Hamlin was recently granted a US patent to help us cope with this precise phenomenon.
Dr. Hamlin is looking to eliminate “cottonmouth” once and for all!
Apparently, a little grapeseed extract and lemon pulp can help rapidly stimulate your saliva production.
Regrettably, this product has yet to hit the market, so you may have to use some tried and true tactics to keep your “cottonmouth” at bay.
Always make sure to stay very hydrated prior to your smoke out and if you find your mouth drying up, turn to tart fruits or sour candies to jumpstart the flow of spit.
Avoiding alcohol, salty foods, tobacco products, and sugary drinks are also great preventative measures prior to toking up.
The bottom line is the best way to combat the age-old issue of cannabis drying you out is to always stay HIGH-drated!