How Surgery And A Fist Fight Lead Travis McCoy to Full Blown Heroin Addiction

Travie McCoy of the chart-topping group Gym Class Heroes opened up about his struggles with addiction.
Travis was a guest on the most recent episode of R.A. The Rugged Man’s podcast.
Travie breaks down his harrowing story and how it all started with prescribed OxyContin pills after he had knee surgery.
This led the rapper to snort crushed pills recreationally and eventually, into full-blown heroin addiction.

“I was a full-blown junkie for a few years, it was bad.” Travis McCoy – Gym Class Heroes

The cost of OxyContin at $30 a piece also lead to him seeking a cheaper alternative, which was heroin.
“These doctors are no different than D-Boys on the corner,” Travis said.
Thankfully, Travis went clean and has not looked back or relapsed.
R.A. also shares stories of family members with similar struggles, with both rappers stressing the dangers of opioids and lamenting the current overdose epidemic plaguing almost every state in America.