Rapper B-Real Will Help Wack Weed Operations With New Show "Pimp My Grow"

Cypress Hill’s lead stoner B-Real already has a hit video series about weed with his long-running review series as “Dr. Greenthumb,” but he’s expanding his vision for smokers with a new show called “Pimp My Grow.”
The new show features B-Real going around the country to various cannabis growers in need of help “pimping out” (or fixing up) their (legal) medical and industrial-sized grow operations.
The rapper has teamed with DNA Genetics, one of the oldest and well known genetics experts in the cannabis industry.
“I’ve seen a ton of good and bad growers and grows in this space. Nothing compares to the work that the DNA guys do,” B-Real said. “They will literally pimp out some grows. This is going to be unreal and unprecedented.”
According to producers Drake Sutton-Shearer and Josh Otten from PRØHBTD Media, viewers will see the best weed and the latest technology being used to feul the multibillion-dollar a year medical and legal industries.
“DNA and B-Real are experts in what they do, so it’s a pleasure for us to help them show the world just what it takes to pimp out a grow,” Josh Otten said.
The completed video series will result in seven episodes that showcase each grow operation and the hosts’ expertise in helping each grower with their set-up.
The series will initially be distributed across the PRØHBTD MEDIA network to millions of viewers and then licensed for global content distribution.