In Love With The Cocoa – Snortable Chocolate Is Here To Get You Wrecked

A powerful drug hit the streets of the United States last month, and lawmakers are already open arms.
The new drug could even make cocaine a thing of the past.
What we are referring to is known as snortable chocolate.
Brands like Coco Loco are even marketing themselves as a “drug free” way of getting a quick buzz.
The high is pretty long too.
According to experts, after the snortable chocolate is ingested, it can give a user a high, or a feeling of euphoria which lasts up from 30 to 60 minutes.
Although it seems harmless, there’s a growing concern over snortable chocolate, which originated in Europe.
There is so much worry over the new drug that Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the FDA to investigate the new “product.”