Students In Oregon Are Smoking Up More Than Ever

A new study published by researchers Oregon State University delves into the effects of recreational marijuana on college students in Oregon.

Data shows that college students at OSU have been smoking more weed since it became legalized in July 2015. They smoke significantly more than college students located in states where marijuana is still illegal.
Almost 26% of the entire college student population at OSU reported smoking weed recently.

“The study indicates that legalization has led to an increase in the percentage of college students who use marijuana.” – David Kerr, lead author, and associate psychology professor at OSU.

It didn’t take the OSU researchers to let us know that students are smoking more weed when it becomes legalized; that’s common sense.
It’s a good thing they’re starting to research marijuana more in depth now, however, there needs to be more research into how marijuana specifically affects the students such as their study/work habits, eating habits, social habits, etc not just how many people are using it.