These Rappers Made The "Hollyweed Impact List"

Many rappers aspire to top Forbes the “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” list, but there could be another ranking system emerging of interest to artists in the genre and beyond.
Variety just launched the “Hollyweed Impact List,” which highlights the top celebrities who are making moves in the cannabis business.
Dozens of rappers have been involved in the legalized marijuana industry and new acts like A$AP Rocky hawk their own vape pens, while veterans like Game make huge deals – he just sold his company The Reserve for $7 million.
Variety’s list features movers and shakers from the entertainment world, who have also had breakthroughs with their own cannabis brands, or for their activism within the industry.

As expected, a number of rappers are featured on “The Hollyweed Impact List” including Snoop Dogg, B-Real, and Wiz Khalifa.
Other notables include Whoopi Goldberg, Seth Rogan, and Montell Williams, who are all well-known for their marijuana activism.
Click here for the full list here.